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All Aphelion Cycles go through rigorous testing ensuring that all aspects of the bicycle frame, forks, wheelset, parts etc are manufactured to a high standard and meet ISO 4210 safety requirements.

Aphelion stands behind its quality guarantee, and further warrants that each unit is in perfect working condition at time of sale, devoid of imperfections in any aspect of the workmanship or materials used for its construction. Each unit we produce is a labour of love, meticulously crafted using the highest quality components and finishing materials.

Aphelion provides a one-year warranty to be applied to any aspect of the cycle’s frame and components. Warranty is deemed void if such damage is found to be a result of incorrect installation, abuse, misuse or neglect, alteration of any of the parts or components or use of the product for any other reason than that which it was intended. Warranty does not cover and will not provision for wear and tear on tyres or inner tubes, brake cables, brake pads, brakes, gear cables, chains, chain rings, light bulbs, cassettes, rims and batteries. Any extended use that will greatly reduce the unit’s useful life is not covered under warranty. Warranty also does not cover degradation of materials caused by corrosion, deterioration or material fatigue that may occur as the result of extended use. Extended use may be described as races, circuits, competition, events or any activities other than that which the bicycle or component is intended.

It is deemed the user’s responsibility to install, use and repair your unit in strict compliance with the instruction manual provided, and to provide regular maintenance and upkeep, examining the product regularly to determine service needs. Failure to adhere to regular maintenance and service schedules may cause harm to both the cycle and the rider.

All claims require a proof of purchase. Warranty is given only to the original purchaser of the product, and is not transferrable. If an item or part is repaired under warranty, the coverage period will be equal to the remaining warranty period of the original part. Any failure or issue with a particular part will be dealt with as individual issues specific to the part in question.

A unique SERIAL NUMBER is engraved on every Aphelion frame located under the bottom bracket.

Please take note of this serial number should you have any warranty claims or any questions regarding this model. One year warranty will be automatically activated upon delivery saving you time from registering. If submitting a claim for warranty, or if there is any damage incurred for any reason, please submit your request with a detailed account of the issue, including photographs and/or video to


Crash Replacement is valid for three years from the date of purchase.
Aphelion is well aware that accidents happen. Our aim is to get you back on the road as soon as possible with efficient service and cost effective solutions. In the event of a severe crash or accident, the forces exerted on the frame can lead to structural failure during subsequent use. Our Crash Replacement Program offers the option to replace your damaged Aphelion frame at a significant discount.

Replacement frames will be supplied without components such as seat post, chainset, brakes or stem. However, if requested, we will fit your replacement frame with new components, subject to a charge. Please speak to one of our service representatives who can put together a quote for you.

In order to qualify for Crash Replacement, the customer must

•    Be the original owner of the bike
•    Provide proof of purchase

If submitting a claim for warranty or crash replacement, please submit your request with a detailed account of the issue, including photographs and/or video to A detailed account is requested so we know what to look for while triaging your bike repair. We will then be able to supply you with a detailed plan with our recommendations on how to proceed with the repair.

We reserve all rights to suspend warranty service or crash replacement if we identify evidence that the damage in question has been caused wilfully or it is of a merely cosmetic nature. It is also not possible to change to a different model.

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