"Shoot me down but I won't fall. I am tiiitaaaaniiiiiium"

Close up of the Aphelion 1985 titanium integrated seat post! Developed to improve overall stiffness.

Ergonomically designed geometry. Track ready! Not for the faint hearted.

"Lucky for you that's what I like, that's what I like"

New week, new bike! Introducing our made to order Aphelion *1985 titanium fixie. Full titanium frame with integrated seat post. Fitted with carbon fibre forks, stem and handlebar.

Very #GoodFriday

Drop handlebars. Comfort for all riding positions

Quality bikes. That's what we do.


Sun is gleaming on the Aphelion 1962 Chrome frame!

Black lugs joining the pearlescent copper tubing!

Happy Monday!

Colour Coordinated!

Looking pearlesent in sun light!

Spring colours popping!

Where to next?

Fresh and so clean! Internal cable routing makes for a streamlined and polished finish.

Never out of place.
Check out our new 1982 sandblasted titanium model. Built to last.

Spring is blooming lovely

Aphelion 1982 Titanium frame built with our super light Carbon fibre components for a strong & smooth ride

c l a s s i c 1962 model
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Go bike, discover, explore!

Oooo the Copperpatina

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Spring is coming! Get your bike now!

Simply S L E E K

Simplicity at its best

Ready for the weekend!


f r e s h

Aphelion 1962 Chrome

Got that Tuesday fix

Yesss some sunshine!!

Distracted by shiny things? Yep, us too :)

That's too much sauce! #future #aphelioncycles #TagUs

Happy valentines day
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FREE aphelion T-shirt !!
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